It is a way of life....



Barre truly became something that I couldn’t live without

For most of my life, I never really understood people that actually “enjoyed” working out. With the exception of an occasional Pilates class, working out was something I did because I felt I “had” to as a last-ditch effort to get ready for bathing suit season….until I found Kathy and her barre classes.

Barre took me through two pregnancies and helped me emotionally through challenges that my pregnancies brought.

It has changed my mindset on fitness, no longer viewing it as a “workout” – it is a way of life. Physically, it also transformed my body and at age 36 after 2 kids I am in the best shape of my life (something I think many women in the studio would say!).

Between my new found friends, the incredible instructors and the customized classes that are both always evolving, challenging and fun, it is something I am so fortunate and proud to be part of.

I cannot imagine life without Barre Balanced. Outside of my family and friends, it is my favorite use of my time.

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Joseph Sasso