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Welcome to Barre Balanced!

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New to the studio? We are thrilled you’re here!

New to barre or dance fitness? You have nothing to worry about with us! We know that just getting started is often the hardest part of exercise and we are here to help. We offer a wide range of barre and dance fitness classes designed to help you tone, transform and love your body.


You’ll leave the studio feeling confident, happy, fit and balanced.

This is the best barre studio I’ve ever been to hands down and that includes big city barre studios. The choreography, energy and push at this studio is unbeatable.
— Michele W.

Discover fitness the way it was meant to be!


No Experience Required!

We welcome students of every experience level. Everyone and every body is welcome!

You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy Barre Balanced, just a willingness to try something new!

Classes are delivered by our inspirational instructors, in our gorgeous studio. Our supportive community will make you feel welcome and happy to be here. You’ll learn the exercises and technique as well as how to power-through challenging moments.

You’ll be amazed by what you are able to do and we know you’ll wonder what took you so long to find us!

Great instructors...inspirational and motivating. I’m obsessed!
— Terry M.

New Member Special

30 Days. Unlimited Classes. Start Your Healthy Habit.

1 Month Unlimited – $99!

Result happen quickly, and efficiently.


Our barre class methods predominantly use your own bodyweight as resistance along with a few basic props – free weights, straps, bands, mats and a ball. Proper technique is essential to a safe and effective exercise program. Our goal is to provide hands-on correction with body-alignment, form, and overall technique to advance you to the next level.

You’ll be encouraged to work within your individual limits while receiving encouragement to continually push forward!

I have yet to find a better barre work out anywhere. Even studios in big cities (San Francisco, DC and NY can’t compare). Simply the best you’ll find.
— Gabrielle

 1 Month Unlimited Classes for Just $99

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So…What’s Class Like?

Tone. Sculpt. Extend.

Our barre and dance fitness class techniques concentrate on targeting the major muscle groups of the body enhancing strength and flexibility. While working at the barre or on our studio floor, you use your center or core and this provides an intense workout that promotes muscle growth and burns calories.

The benefits of taking classes:

  • Better Posture.  Core muscles are engaged throughout the entire class.

  • Strength and definition.  You are not only creating amazing definition, you are also strengthening muscles that are often underused and underdeveloped

  • Mind-body connection.  Allowing your mind to concentrate on technique increases the feelings of relaxation and decreases stress levels.

I literally LOVE everything about this place. I absolutely hate working out but I finally found “my” workout. I am addicted, I try to make it at least 4 times a week. Class is AWESOME, all of the staff is so friendly and welcoming, and the studio is beautiful. So happy I decided to give Barre Balanced a shot!
— Katie G.


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What to Know Before Your First Class!

Before You Arrive

Eat a light snack a few hours before class to keep your body fueled. Make sure to bring along a water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout the class. If you forget, we have water bottles available. Arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class to get set-up

Foot Wear

Our barre classes are taken in either your bare feet or with grip socks to cover your feet. We have a wide selection of grip socks available in our boutique. Our dance fitness class content will have you moving and flowing so wear sneakers with a good tread on the bottom (cross trainers with medium support). Avoid running shoes!

Comfortable, Warming Clothing

You’ll want to keep your muscles warm for optimal performance so be sure to wear clothes that keep your major muscles groups (core included) warm! Wear yoga pants or leggings that cover your glutes and quads (thighs). 

 1 Month Unlimited Classes for Just $99

Get Started!
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Injuries, Pregnancies & Stuff Going On!

Connect with your teacher! We want to know about any injuries you are working with pregnancies (however early) or special circumstances that will help us provide the safest, best instruction for you on a given day!

After Class, What to Expect!

Look, be kind to yourself! Don’t expect to do everything perfectly the first time! It takes more than a class or two to get in the grove, but be patient and keep coming. The results are worth it.

Self-Care Matters!

After your first class, be sure to drink plenty of water so your muscles stay hydrated as they recover. You may be sore but stick with it as your body adjusts and gets stronger. Book your next class! All barre and dance fitness classes take several classes to get the hang and flow of the movement. Be patient and give yourself time to learn the technique.

We recommend taking class 3-5 times per week to get the best results. Our instructors are here to help you get the most out of each class so be sure to talk with them before or after class if you have any questions. With proper diet combined with our classes, you will begin to see remarkable results within just a few weeks. 

Check out our studio!

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 Get Moving!

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