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Kathy has the natural ability to intuitively connect with her clients; thus, placing her in a category above any other teacher from whom I have taken a barre class. It is this intangible quality, coupled with her dance expertise, that provides her clients with both the inspiration and energy to achieve their personal goals. Although I have many choices of barre classes in my local area, I find myself driving to Glen Mills every week.....Kathy’s passion is contagious!
— Debbie M, Berwyn, PA
I’ve been a client of Kathy’s for almost 2 years and continue to enjoy her class time after time. Her classes are fun yet always challenging, and not intimidating in any way. Kathy’s bright and breezy personality pulls you in. She gives reminders on posture, she explains all of the movements and what muscles are being worked. You feel the burn every single time and that’s what brings us all back. I find myself missing the barre if I’ve been away on vacation or business travel. If you haven’t tried barre before, just do it. And do it at Barre Balanced. It’ll be the best part of your day.
— Susan A
I’ve been taking Kathy’s Barre class for almost 2 years and I’m completely addicted. The class works every part of your body and builds long and lean muscles. She keeps it fresh by adding different fitness challenges so it never becomes repetitive or mundane.Kathy is a true professional with a positive outlook who encourages and inspires everyone to find their inner ballerina. I love meeting her at the Barre each week — I always leave feeling amazing!
— Denise L
I love that barre focuses on one section of my body at a time and strategically lengthens and strengthens each muscle group. The music is energizing and upbeat and just when I think I can’t do any more reps, I manage to bust out 8 more! It is a great, fun workout and sometimes I even forget how much my legs are shaking because I get into the beat!
— Erin S
I have been taking Kathy’s barre class for a little over a year now and she does not disappoint! I have had the pleasure of attending many of Kathy’s barre classes since then and find it to be a phenomenal way to develop lean muscle, flexibility, and a range of motion that I thought I would never have again. Barre class has given me a totally new vision of myself. I would not have been able to achieve so much without these amazing classes. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that goes into creating your fabulous classes!
— Francine P
I LOVE this studio. I’ve taken barre before but never like this. I am sore and challenged every single class and have seen major toning all over my body. Just awesome. Every instructor rocks. How many studios can you say that about?!
— Heather
Awesome barre classes that are really challenging and fun! The instructors and staff and super friendly and make every class enjoyable. They take the time to show you correct form and help you improve, so there is no need for any prior experience to take a class. Classes change frequently to keep you challenged and mix things up. Love these classes and highly recommend the studio!
— Jenna
Great full body (Especially core and Hip) workouts! Amazing instructors. I have been going for over a year. Don’t worry if you were never a dancer, I was never a dancer and this was slightly out of my comfort zone and was able to pick up on the exercises and am so glad that I tried it out! I used to struggle with some low back pain, knee pain, and some chronic hip weakness, and since gaining strength in my hips, gluts, and core with barre I have had such improvement and my running has been much more stable and pain-free! Also, I like the flexibility of not having to sign up for the same class time every week, you get a “class card” for a number of classes that you can sign up for anytime during the week! I wish my schedule would allow me to come more!
— Alicia
I cannot say enough about Barre Balanced! This place is amazing! I attended my first BB class in March 2016 (after much procrastinating) and I was immediately hooked. The studio and staff are absolutely amazing! I have attended classes with all of the instructors and I have never been disappointed. Barre Balanced has such a great atmosphere! I took barre classes throughout my second pregnancy and I jumped right back into them as soon I was allowed to post-baby and I’m convinced that these classes helped me get back into shape. I absolutely love Barre Balanced!
— Tiffany

Best body changing workout ever. Feel strong , toned and fit. Was never a dancer but embrace the grace they incorporate into the class. Kathy and her team of instructors are the best. I’m a fan. Highly recommend.
— Leslie
I literally LOVE everything about this place. I absolutely hate working out but I finally found “my” workout. I am addicted to coming here and try to make it at least 4 times a week. Class is AWESOME, all of the staff is so friendly and welcoming, and the studio is beautiful. So happy I decided to give Barre Balanced a shot!
— Kate
If you are looking for a total body workout with great instructors look no further. I tried Barre Balance and I am ADDICTED. I have had the pleasure of taking classes with most of the instructors and can say without hesitation once you try it you will be hooked. Love Barre Balanced.
— Yvonne
Have been looking for a class like Barre , and this studio is the greatest. Total body workout, instructors are amazing. Can modify exercises for your level. Very professional.
— Carie
This is the best barre studio I’ve ever been to hands down - and that includes big city barre studios. The choreographer, energy and push at this studio is unbeatable.
— Michele
My job requires me to travel weekly and to a different location domestically, and sometimes internationally. I have yet to find a better barre work out anywhere. Even studios in big cities (San Francisco, DC and NY can’t compare). Simply the best you’ll find.
— Gabrielle
Barre Balanced is an awesome place to take barre classes. Most classes are taught by Kathy, the owner. She is amazing! She is highly motivating and will challenge you, and push you like no one else. You will be sore (in a good way) whether it’s your first class or your forty-first class! I’ve taken barre classes at lots of different facilities (even in California) and none compare to Barre Balanced. You need to try one of Kathy’s classes. You won’t be sorry!
— Mary Ann