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Barre Fitness & Dance Classes

Barre Balanced Barre


Is the original 60-minute barre class. It is a high energy, low impact, total body workout. Its focus is on isometric movements that sculpt the arms using free weights and your own body resistance, intense barre work is next to define the thighs, tone and firm the glutes, and flatten the abdominals. We stretch in between the major muscle groups to lengthen, tone and increase flexibility for a long lean body. The classes are set to motivating, high-energy music in a fun supportive dance class style environment. All levels welcome.


Barre Balanced Burn


A class to maximize your cardio workout and feel the burn in this 60-minute cardio barre class — This 60-minute workout combines toning and sculpting sections from the Barre Balanced class with high-intensity cardio intervals. This class is designed to raise your heart rate, maximize calorie burn, and increase endurance, all while strengthening and shaping your muscles. It is recommended that you take at least two Barre Balanced classes before trying Barre Balanced Burn.


Barre Basics

We will take a slower pace with simple choreography and less repetitions to the Barre Balanced class. The exercises will focus on good form and correct placement. This will allow clients to better understand the barre technique, improve their own practice, and take you to the next level for maximum results.


Barre Balanced Express

A 45-minute express version of the Barre Balanced class. This class offers a concentrated, full-body workout in 45 minutes, giving you the opportunity for a total body sculpting workout during your lunch hour.

Awesome barre classes that are really challenging and fun! The instructors and staff are super friendly and make every class enjoyable.

Love these classes and highly recommend the studio!
— Jenna
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Dance Classes

No Dance Experience Required!


Dance Cardio

Dance Cardio is one of today’s go-to trending workouts! This is a non-barre based dance inspired workout which offers three 10 minute cardio sequences with 8 minute bursts of toning exercises for the upper body, lower body, and core. Easy follow along movement will have you heart healthy and smiling though out this upbeat, energizing, and calorie burning workout. It’s so much fun you’ll forget you’re working out. Please wear footwear with proper support for this class.


Move Flow Sculpt

This class is a non-barre class emphasizing the use of the upper body and torso with focus on the core and stretching the body. We will use such elements as contract and release, fall and recovery, stretch and flexibility while working that mind-body connection. Each class will explore flexibility, strength and control, and coordination. It will encourage comfort and understanding of personal movement in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


Classical Ballet Barre & Stretch

Beauty, flow, and elegance are inherent in the elements of ballet. This intermediate level class will focus on overall body alignment and awareness of the proper usage of feet and legs and execution of turnout. Forty minutes of traditional ballet barre work is the emphasis of this class followed by a 10 minute barre and floor stretch. The classes will have a non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere where you will feel the beauty, grace and elegance of ballet. If you took ballet class growing up you will feel right at home taking this class.


Yoga Fit

Enjoy the power of movement in this yoga class taught to up tempo music. You will be on your mat practicing poses you know combined with flowing transitions and an emphasis on strength and balance. All levels are welcome. Experience in yoga a plus but not required.

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