Nikki Kavadias


Nikki grew up in Drexel Hill where she began dancing at the age of 4; she continued dancing until she went off to college. Nikki is a 2005 graduate of Drexel University; holding a Bachelors of Science in Accounting with a minor in Communications. With a career in public accounting she found it difficult to resume dancing. She tried to supplement the void with various work outs however it wasn't until she discovered barre that she was able to form a well-rounded work out routine. Not only did barre totally transform her body but she found the hour-long class a pleasant reprieve from work. She enjoys being part of the Barre Balanced family and fostering the same joy and passion she has for barre.

Favorite Move to teach?
I love working the booty. Really, isn't that why we all come to class, to get that perfect barre booty? I like the deep burn you get from advanced back dancing. There are so many variations; leg on the barre, ball, or just the ground. I dread it just like the clients, but the great results are worth the burn.

What is one thing clients would be surprised to know about you?
I don't listen to pop music outside the studio. I am an alternative rock girl at heart but you can't really pulse and plie to Pearl Jam or Twenty One Pilots. I don't see an Alt Rock themed class in my future but I do try to sprinkle in some songs here and there, surprisingly some beats work great for abs.

Three words to describe me - Loyal, independent, determined.

Favorite quote: "Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." -- Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

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