Alexa Chambers


Originally from Media, Pennsylvania, Alexa began dance training at the age of three. She studied at the Academy of Notre Dame's performing arts program and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA where she obtained her BFA with honors in Jazz Dance Performance in 2013.

She has been a member of the following prestigious dance companies; Xhale Dance Company, Giordano Dance Chicago, and Project Moshen Dance Company. Not only has she shared her passion to perform, but also her passion to teach young dancers at local studios throughout the area. Alexa discovered barre fitness and instantly felt at home. Mixing her dance technique with her love for fitness clicked perfectly within this workout regimen. Her enthusiasm to create and teach inspired her to become an instructor for the Barre Balanced family since 2015. Her goal is to help all clients reach their goals, and strives to create a fun yet challenging environment each and every class!

Favorite move to teach?
I think all of our clients and I can agree that my favorite move to teach is definitely thighs! There is no better feeling then completing a challenging yet fun thigh burning series that leaves us feeling so strong and accomplished. I also like to work my creative side when choreographing thighs for class!!

What is one thing clients would be surprised to learn about you?

Something clients may be surprised to know about me is that before I chose to pursue dance in college and as a professional career, I originally wanted to go to school to be a chemist! Now everyone knows my secret as to how I can remember all of my class choreography and find the right mixes to create a class full of barre burning experiments!!!!

My perfect day off …… is spent sleeping in and resting my body to waking up to a big cup of coffee with some doggie snuggles! I then like to do some shopping for myself and catch up on some of my favorite tv shows! I would finish off the day cooking a delicious dinner and spending some quality time with my husband!!

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